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The future is silent

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A Mercedes S400 Hybrid was driving past me, while I was sitting at a café. Silent. And it made me think about the silent future.

Battery technology follows Moore’s law: at a rapid pace they are getting smaller, getting more ampere to last longer and taking shorter time to charge. This will give cars with longer range, going towards what a tank of gas gives you. That is, with the same performance.

As oil will continue to go north in pricing and electricity, for many reasons, will continue to become cheaper, electric cars will be the majority of the fleet in say 8 – 10 years: Particularly because politicians will push for it, as it is seen in California and with stimulus packages to Detroit for battery tech programs both in startups and in corporates.

The future is silent.


Written by Bernino Lind

September 27, 2009 at 10:01 pm

Posted in Future tech

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