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Quantum computing takes a quantum leap towards reality

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An entangled state of six photons can form a quantum bit that is highly resistant to noise...

Speedy quantum computing communication takes a quantum leap towards reality.

I have discussed it before: all tech and thus change is accelerated by a version of Moore’s law which is to say some sort of exponential function. Sometimes individual tech gets a boost and does a quantum leap; which fuels the general evolution of other tech.

The problem so far has been that quantum mechanical laws says that just observing a system changes it’s state, and thus a computation is influenced by the computation itself. These things have been resolved, but what was missing, was to make sure that stimuli such as electromagnetic fields would not change the state of the machine.

A group in Stockholm has come up with a solution – click on the picture for the story itself.

Why is quantum computing important? Because they are extremely efficient calculators, tapping into fundamental physics AND adds probabilistic computing power. Whereas current computers are based on transistors and binary answers represented by bits (1 – 0), quantum computers are based on qubits which is basically native vectorized computation.
At the same time the fundamental building block of quantum mechanics is probability – not finite answers. So, a quantum computer will be efficient in solving statistical and probability problems.
Since most real life science heavily relies on modeling reality – a reality where no formula exists, but only an answer from trial and error with coupled differential equations that needs to be calculated with numbers – the promise is that we can solve such models much much faster.
And that’s great news for bio-science (genetics), aerospace, nano-tech, …, engineering where it is impossible to make a formula, but where you need to build a complex set of interconnected differential equations.

This computing power is one of the building blocks we are missing to be able to take quantum leaps in battery technology, gene therapy and many other promising future technologies.

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Written by Bernino Lind

October 8, 2009 at 8:02 am

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